Specialty Range

Dr Stuart's - Liver Detox (15 bags)

Get it out of your system! Dandelion root, centaury herb and milk thistle to support liver function....MORE


Dr Stuart's - Slim Plus (15 bags)

A save way to lose weight! Fennel, linden leaves and galangal root believed to suppress the appetite...MORE


Dr Stuart's - Skin Purify (15 bags)

Absolute beauty. Red clover, nettle leaves and dandelion leaves believed to be antibacterial....MORE


Hari Har - Chai Rooibos Tea Leaves

For those lovers of the sweet flavours of rooibos (red bush tea) this rooibos chai is for you. Enhan...MORE


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Pukka - Herbal Collection Mixed Tea Bags (20 bags)

Five delicious, organic award-winning teas with each using three varieties of incredible organic her...MORE


Dr Stuart's - Valerian Plus (15 bags)

Sweet dreams. Valerian root and hops known to help restful nights sleep....MORE