Piano playing in the heart...

Date Posted:28 March 2016 

Those photos that were posted on the LivingZest website on Easter Monday have a story!

Easter Thursday was a blur for me. I had numerous tasks to complete. The overbearing one was to find a professional photograher. The weather was super hot here in Sydney, and the only time I could book him in was in the afternoon (the heat of the day). I placed my selected products in the car, and drove. Reaching there and unpacking, I then found it difficult to find his place, I eventually made it and we quickly rushed the photos.

Easter Friday, and the photos arrived. Immediately we were concerned - the lighting had gone astray. Yes my dreams were crushed. Regaining some composure, and then my business partner, Hoy-Yen made a suggestion[1][2][3]. A few months ago we had gone on a fishing expedition and one of our family friends had taken some really great photos - let's call and see whether he could help[4]. And the answer was, "Yes" and he was going to a picnic we were organising for the next day, Easter Saturday.

Easter Saturday arrived, we packed the car and headed to a patch of beautiful beach and grassy area for a picnic. With more products in tow, our secondary aim being to take those photos.  After our lunch, the photos were quickly shot, then we are off to the surf. The waves were fine, they moved in a swirled around our feet. I headed into the surf for a swim. The waves were carrying me up and down. When breaching the surface, I could feel the sun.

Easter Sunday, for me, was extra special - I had to pick up those photos, as we had shot quite a few. The best way for me to do this was to transfer them onto a memory stick. And by the way, my new found photographer, has a daughter the same age as my daughter. 

I arrived at their place, I didn't want to take their time, as they had been busy, and they were looking to forward to seeing other friends later in the day. As I went to leave, their daughter wanted to play the piano, and the parents asked me to wait while she did this. I love piano playing, and I was eager to listen. I quickly sat down next to her, half a butt cheek style on the stool[5].

It was quite an involved piece, and I looked at the music sheet before me, I was amazed. The notes came and went, the notes flowed up and down. Her fingers danced over the keyboard, flashing above the white and black keys. I was intrigued with her pedal work, the effort of co-ordination and timing. Being that close, I had opened my heart to the music. My hands melded with hers, and my mind was caught in the moment.

As the music ended, she turned, "Oh I missed this section and this section I messed up." I said, "Wow this was fantastic, I appreciated all the misses, it was great you made these mistakes, it made me feel so much - it felt human and not robotic."

I then left, feeling so privileged, really amazed at just being in the moment, allowing myself to fully absorb the experience. It was just an intense few minutes of action, and I could re-play it back inside my head. The music spoke to me on a personal level, the ups and downs, slow and quick periods, the quiet and reflective, and I felt the dancing in my heart.

On Easter Monday, I had to cut those images into the right sizes, and get them ready for placement on LivingZest's website. And I as I did this I realised that my work had imperfections, too much shadow, too much light on the Pukka Herbal Collection box had made it hard to read, and a branch had moved in front of one of the products in another photo. Someone had tipped mayonaise into the bush, and I could see it in one of the photos. Then it came to me - yes these are the imperfections I was seeking, they make my story funny, nothing is perfect, that is how it is...

Embrace your imperfections they make us human ... by accepting our imperfections we make each day a little bit easier for ourselves and those around us[6].

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