My Story of Tea Drinking

I am thinking that we all have a story to tell about the journey we have with tea. That drink that started in China and now has spread throughout the world - it found its way even to my Grandfather's smoky kitchen.

We drink tea for many reasons now? Here is one of mine. And trust me there is far more to tea than you realise.

Well my journey with tea started in my Grandfather's wood fired / coal stove kitchen. And it was a contest between my father's impatience and my Grandfather's antics to waste time and keep us just where he wanted (in his kitchen - laughing and talking). My Grandfather we were led to believe was very funny with tea making or so we thought. The process envolved warming all the cups and the tea pot up with boiling water, by the time he had done this, there was no more hot water left to make the tea, so he then had to boil another kettle of water. You can imagine how long this took and by that stage you can feel how warm those cups are going to be. Not only that, when he opened the door to the oven, a piece of burning wood would fall out or he had forgotten to open the vent and anyway there was always a lot of smoke. I am sure sparks would fly out as well and start a fire in the paper that he used for kindling.

My dad is growing in frustration as he wanted to get home. The children are all wondering if we should call the fire brigade. The water then boils, the cups start being warmed again. Pandemonium erupts! Let just say my Grandfather could work his audience, he also had the strength of humour on his side and we all took it all in jest.

There are few clues in that story about making tea, especially black tea. Try heating your cup first - you know some of us like it hot!

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