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Cocolo - Organic Dark Orange Chocolate

Orange twist complements a deep, dark chocolate for a dry and delicious treat. Carefully grafted for...MORE


Cocolo - Organic Milk Hazelnut Chocolate

Hazelnuts complement a milk chocolate for a delicious treat....MORE


Rawganic Chocolate - Chilli & Lime

Chilli & Lime is a hit with those who like something a little spicy! It's a mix of Rawganic's dark c...MORE


Alter Eco - Dark Cacao Chocolate

Bittersweet bite with fruity, flowery nibs for an intense cacao explosion....MORE


Pana Chocolate - Coconut & Goji

50% raw cacao with goji berries and coconut flakes. A bar with multiple textures, multiple antioxida...MORE


Pana Chocolate - Fig & Wild Orange

70% raw cacao with fig and wild orange essential oil. Great to share with your colleagues at 3pm. Al...MORE


Pana Chocolate - Mint

60% raw cacao with pure essential peppermint oil. Boosts energy levels, improves mental clarity. For...MORE


Pana Chocolate - Raw Cacao

60% raw cacao. The Oh-my-G. All Pana chocolates are raw, organic, handmade, no dairy, no soy, and no...MORE


Pana Chocolate - Sour Cherry & Vanilla

60% raw cacao with sour cherries and vanilla bean. Regulates metabolism and encourages circulation, ...MORE