How LivingZest came about

Hello, my name is Richmond Hooper and for a number of years ago I have found myself unwell. And as we all do we get on with life - the ups and downs happen to us all. For me I struggled to find employment. Eventually I found a great job helping other's who were unwell, elderly or supporting carer's looking after ill children, parents, or relatives. I soon found myself having an even greater respect for all those working in these support roles and in health care.

I was assigned various duties to help with household duties, and as I worked I started to notice lots of things that could be improved. You see the government pays companies to employ people like me to do this work. So it struck me how to save us tax payers a bundle of money and improve the overall results, and the well being of all of those I was serving.

You see they gave me roles like, to do the weekly shopping of behalf of the household at a local supermarket, I would use my own car to do this, and when I arrived I had to go to the supermarket, the fish munger, the butcher and collect all the shopper dockets - and I was expected to do all of this in 1 hour. To cut long story short, it was near-in impossible, and eventually I would end up running late, being exhausted, and then having to explain to everyone why it took this amount of time.

LivingZest was partly born in my imagination... it has taken our team awhile to get it together but here it is. Higher quality household items at affordable prices, that aren't necessarily found in a supermarket, that are overall better for us all and the environment. It is the sharing of efforts, the sharing of resources that makes this all possible. These are my goals, and as such they are a work in progress.

Thank you for supporting LivingZest.