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By: on 4 January 2016
I was in search for great gift ideas for friends and was delighted to come across LivingZest. LivingZest offer a range of products from organic chocolates, teas, healthy snacks and personal care products. I like that fact that they had products from around the world such as Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan and more. Bringing brands to me I wouldn’t normally come across. Overall, LivingZest is an easy and accessible website to navigate through, there are multiple payment options available (Yay to PayPal), the products are affordable and certified. Lastly, but not least, I feel LivingZest do wish to share their Happiness to us…the wider community, through the products they offer. - Vicky (Sydney, Australia), 15 December 2015


By: on 4 January 2016
I live in Sydney with my family and my father lives in the UK, he wanted to order us some treats as we all love chocolate. He found your website LivingZest and ordered us the mint cacao bar and the dark cacao with bits in. The communication was excellent and the parcel was delivered at the exact time we were advised. The products were of a very high quality. We shared the mint choc, which was rich and smooth - a couple of pieces at a time were enough. The dark cacao bar I actually used for cooking! I struggle to find high quality dark choc for baking - this was perfect. It melted easily and remained smooth. The 'crunchy' bits gave it a lovely texture too. The teabags were a nice gesture and again were of great quality. The communication and products are extremely high quality and I will definitely be recommending you to my friends in Sydney. - Amy (Sydney, Australia), 14 December 2015

Well done LivingZest!

By: on 4 January 2016
Excellent customer service and I especially love the chocolates that I ordered. Well done LivingZest! - Yvonne Yee Woon (Melbourne, Australia), 13 December 2015

Thank You

By: on 1 January 2016
I am so very pleased to have found Livingzest online! I live in England; my daughter, son in law and two wonderful grandsons live in Sydney - they all love chocolate and special foods. I ordered some treats for them; and I have to say that the level of communication from Livingzest and the delivery of my order was exceptional to say the least. If you have friends and relatives living in Australia and you want to give them a real treat, you should go to the LivingZest website and do it straight away. LivingZest also deliver globally so even many more people can enjoy their products. - Michael Fletcher (United Kingdom), 13 December 2015

Review for LivingZest

By: on 1 January 2016
I was very excited to receive my delivery from LivingZest - the products exceeded my expectations and were all of a very high quality. We loved the chocolate (dark salted brown butter) which received rave reviews in our household! I would not hesitate to recommend LivingZest to others who want a convenient way to purchase high quality, speciality products from a trustworthy company. - Jessica (Singapore)

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