Author: Heidi   Date Posted:25 August 2016 

Rolled Oats Fancy

Quick and easy way to a fancy breakfast to kick start your day!

Serves 1 • Prep time 15 minutes plus overnight soaking oats

Cooking time 10 minutes

Equipment: Serving bowl; knife; chopping board; 1 medium size bowl; Spoons



Ambrosia organic honey for drizzle (optional)

1/2 (half) cup Whispering Pines organic creamy rolled oats

1 cup milk

3 strawberries sliced

3 raspberries

1/2 (half) banana sliced

1/4 (quarter) cups Byron Bay Almond Fig & Pear muesli



Step 1 • Place rolled oats and milk in a medium size bowl. Leave in the fridge overnight

Step 2 • Heat oat in microwave for 30 second – 1 minute. You might like to add more milk if needed

Step 3 • Transfer warm oats into serving bowl.

Step 4 • Top up with sliced strawberries, banana and raspberries then drizzle with honey.

Step 5 • Sprinkle muesli for some texture and crunchiness.  

Note: This can also be served cold. Just skip step 2 and 3.