The Happy Team

LivingZest, enables us to share and extend our passion of healthy living to the wider community. It allows us to share our stories and experiences with people who share the same common interest. To us, LivingZest is not just an online store but rather a community of people who are passionate about life, healthy living, loves good food and enjoys a good laugh. At the end, it s about celebrating all things; little and big things and who we are. 


Butterfly on Richmond's shirt

Richmond (aka "Rich"). I am an adventurer, avid reader and prolific writer who loves meeting and connecting with people from all cultures and ages. I enjoy a good discussion on anything to do with science and technology, property, and share market. I am also particularly interested in food science and how they can help and support our well being. As an individual living with chronic illness, I am determined not to let that get in my way to simply live each day, and make the best of everything, everything is worth celebrating. "You don't get a "rainbow" without a "storm!" LivingZest represents that rainbow to me!


Pimtip (aka "Chef in Residence"). Like all the founders of LivingZest, I can't possibly think why I would be here if I don't love food! And yes, I love everything to do with food with a big interest in confectionery. I am so excited to be part of LivingZest journey to share my love for cooking and baking and using all the great ingredients that we have on offer. In the coming weeks, you will see recipes posted on this site and on our FaceBook page LivingZest Lifestyle and we welcome your feedback and when you try it out, please share your version of the recipe on LivingZest. We love to hear from you. 


Hoy-Yen feeling happy skipping in a parkHoy-Yen. Having left the corporate jungle and embarking on a new journey into start-ups both personally and professsionally, I am enjoying the change and the opportunity to unlearn and re-learn things. I have a love for travelling and learning people's way of life especially the architectural designs of their home and their unique cuisines.

My philosophy is to live in the present, dream the future, and treasure the past. I believe in enjoying everything, and being grateful for everyday, and making sure we see adventure in everything we do.


Jennifer jumping in the air feeling happy

Jennifer (aka "Jen"). I am an analyst by day, a gym junkie by evening and LivingZest creative by night. I love to travel, explore, discover, and learn new things. And I love good food especially cakes (hey, cake is food right?)

I enjoy the company of good friends who share my interest of food and travel, and has a good sense of humour. I believe in making the most of whatever situation I am in and enjoying the journey whatever the destination may be. And cakes... cakes makes everything sweeter... oh did I just mentioned cakes again? My motto in life is "live everyday happy"... and with cakes, why won't you be?